Crazy Quilt museum project

OK, so the project is finally complete.  Here are a few pictures of the gallery.     

South Wall Entry

main entry

South Wall

South Wall Fire Exit

South Fire Wall

West Wall

West Wall

North Wall

West Wall

East Wall

East Wall

OK, that’s it




4 Responses to “Crazy Quilt museum project”

  1. crazypatch Says:

    so cute….

  2. Janet in Colorado Says:

    Looks great Kristine! Did you get a good grade?

  3. watercan Says:

    Thanks, My project is in the teacher’s hands til tomorrow. Will let you know how I did!

  4. watercan Says:

    So, the final grade was an ‘A’
    Hip, hip, hooray!
    Now to dismantle it and prepare it for the crazy quilt breast cancer auction in July.

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