Leaving in 2 hours for Salinas Uruguay.

In case it’s been a while since you studied South American geography and have forgotten where it is located  (and I had to look it up a few months ago); Uruguay is sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina and is located along the Atlantic Ocean.

The capital, Montevideo, where I will be in 24 hours is named after the small hill? (Cerro de Montevideo) and is one of the few mountains in this plain covered country.

The time is 4 hours ahead of us so East coast minus one. And it is as far south of the equator as LA is north so not too tropical. Right now it is their winter and quite cool and occasionally rainy.  I took the Google man for a walk and was surprised to see so many plants I knew – Jacaranda, Ceibo, Silk Floss Tree Bougainvillea, Palms and Eucalpytus abound. But this is winter so I’ve packed my long johns and my wool scarves and sweaters.

If  I am going to be gone for two weeks it must mean I have two weeks to teach a group of ladies to stitch, Right? Well no…  We actually only have 5 days to teach them to quilt, embroider and turn it into a business. Yipes!  have had to revise expectations down, way down.

K: )



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