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sharonb’s newest contact

June 6, 2008

So, I’m new to this but received an email from Sharon or Flicker, about my picture

sharonb's newest contact   4mum

It's a picture from when I took Sharon's Joggles class about exploring stitches. 
It was lots of fun but of course I took it at Christmas, 
(what was I thinking?) so ended up just reading the posts. 
Now that school is over it's time to catch up on the 
"take it further challenge" and see what everyone else is doing.
Except of course I've been helping to hang a show, 
and now have treasured company.
Maybe next week.
K: )

Don't know if it's OK to talk about a cool product I bought today. 
DD came home with a canvas bag from the Papyrus card store.
If you buy 5 cards, the bag is about $7. I just love it.
It says, 
"CANVAS because plastic is so last year!"

If you purchase it online it is double the cost. 
So now we both have one. 

This has been my year to take green one step further.
I started collecting the bags you can reuse at the 
grocery store every time they were a dollar.
Since, earth day I've been pretty careful to use them
consistently. If I forget, DS is often willing 
to trot out to the car and grab them, but that is getting old.
We've even just carried the groceries in hand to keep from 
taking home one more plastic sack.

OK, that's it for today.